About Us

iZZi Food is a new company that focuses in production of products for the kitchen and cooking outdoors. Our most wanted target is to let people who love cooking in kitchen or on outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnic to have fun and make there life easy with our products. Our first product is the Camping cookware set: this cooking set is one of its kind, with a lot of excellent features that set it apart from its competition. its perfect for hikers, campers, backpackers to provide them a means to cook and serve their meals effortlessly without being heavy and bulky while outside. At iZZi Food, we are committed to providing each of our esteemed customers with the highest standard of customer service that leaves them satisfied and come back for more. Through our 100% money back scheme, we ensure that we put a smile on the face of each of our loyal customers.

Eran Cheshet is the founder and CEO of iZZi Food and is pleased to announce the birth of this truly remarkable company. iZZi Food™ plans with our first product is to change the way campers, hikers and adventures think about outdoor cooking through our unique cooking set. Presently, we sell our product through the Amazon store, where you can get all the details regarding our product.